35×25. Here’s how we’ll get there.

The United States power sector is transforming. Energy demands are evolving at the same time that energy sources are in transition.

Advancements in energy storage technologies are improving the economics of accommodating these changes, while improving reliability and resilience, and enhancing electric system performance. By 2025, we have an opportunity to innovate and drive the deployment of more than 35 gigawatts (GW) of new energy storage systems in the U.S. ESA will be working to drive that change.

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As the only national trade association dedicated to energy storage, ESA is in a unique position to provide members with the opportunity to accelerate the energy storage market at the national, regional and state levels; connect a widely diverse set of members in a productive exchange; and educate the broader stakeholder community of regulators, policy makers, advocates, energy industry participants and end users about the benefits of energy storage.

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